SPA (Simple Photo Album)

SPA (Simple Photo Album) is a dynamic online photo album program written in PHP.

SPA is a VERY easy-to-use PHP script that generates dynamically a Photo Album for your Web Site from a directory full of JPEG/GIF/PNG images : it generates the thumbnails once, the first time you launch it, and the HTML Photo Album. The generated thumbnails are approximately five times smaller than the original image files.

It includes previous/next links for easier navigation. No database or metafiles are needed. Only ONE file is required.

INSTRUCTION : Put this script in a directory containing image files, and it will do the rest !

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FetchNews! is an on-demand Web service that offers the possiblity to receive a chosen information by email or by SMS.

Its goal is to be launched at a given time to fetch a given piece of information in a given Web page, and then sends this information to an email address or mobile phone. This information may deal with anything: sport, weather, finance...
For example FetchNews! could be configured to be launched every day at 8am, fetches New-York weather information on Yahoo Weather web page, and sends this information to your email address or mobile phone.

Here are some existing examples to understand :

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